CatZelerator 2023

We are in the lookout of new bright full-stack developers to join us through CatZelerator and become a true Wisercat after the program.

What is CatZelerator?

CatZelerator - A Pawesome Wisercat Summer Trainee Program, that includes mentorship in a purr-fect environment, educational components and culminates with a pitch of a working solution to the client.

What to expect?

Create a real working solution
You will be able to create a real working solution for one of Wisercat´s clients & get paid for it!
Get a team and a mentor
We will keep You meow-tivated by allowing to play with the different technologies, You´ll get a mentor and be part of a paw-sitive team.
Try out different roles
You can try out different roles in a real software development team like being a tester, QA, developer, UX/UI designer.
Show the results and have fun
In the end of the program You can test out Your pitching skills and do a demo of the working solution to the client. And of course have some fun at the event.
1 step

April, 23: Apply

Apply until April, 23

2 step

April, 24: Test assignments

On April, 24 we will send out the test assignments

3 step

May, 8: Deadline

On May 8, the deadline for sending us the test assignments

4 step

May: Group Interviews

From May, 15-26 Group Interviews in Tallinn & Tartu

5 step

May, 31: “You have been chosen”

“You have been chosen” decision on May, 31

6 step

Summer 2023: CatZelerator

Summer 2023 - CatZelerator program (paid internship)

What we expect from a summer trainee?

Work in an Estonian company
If Your dream is to work in a cool Estonian software company (no corporate BS)
Test your skills
If you want to gain practical knowledge and experience and test your skills in real projects
Passion for learning
If you keep up with the latest technological trends and news
If You work well with others and enjoy it.


Testimonials from 2022 trainees and a mentor

Junior Developer

“I was very satisfied with the internship, it provided me with an opportunity for self-realization, which was very important to me. I not only gained a lot of knowledge and practical skills but also made many valuable acquaintances and got a permanent job. I also love the office in Tartu, as it is cozy, modern and small enough so that everyone knows each other well.”

Roberta, Junior Developer

Junior Developer

“The internship at Wisercat was a valuable experience for me, the expectations met the reality. The friendliness and supportive attitude of the team helped me get the most out of my internship experience. By working in a real project, I got a good overview of the job as a junior developer and the challenges associated with the job. The internship provided an opportunity to use my previous knowledge and learn new skills at the same time.”

Helar, Junior Developer

Mentor and Senior Software Developer

“Summer Trainee program brings in new talented, smart and energetic young people who are eager to learn and dive into the real software development world. They have the drive and we are here to guide them and help to grow as a specialist. We have a people-first culture and we are small enough, so every voice will be heard.”

Kristjan, Mentor and Senior Software Developer

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Kick start your career in IT with a high quality, hands-on CatZelerator experience during summer break!

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Kick start your career in IT with a high quality, hands-on CatZelerator experience during summer break!